Red Velvet Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us and as you may know I like Halloween and Halloween desserts/foods. Although Finns don’t really celebrate Halloween, I like to do something Halloweeny and fun for each year. For added gruesome and gore I filled half of the red velvet cupcakes with strawberry jam, which […]

Halloween in focus

So, if you did read my Fall tag, I hinted about a blog post of Halloween snacks. (If you haven’t had the time to read my Fall tag, read it for getting to know me a little bit more. Go to the Fall tag!) My plan for this year’s Halloween […]

Fall Tag; Get To Know Me

Here’s a Fall tag for getting to know me a bit more. (Modified tag questions) Fall is one of the best seasons of the year, at least for me. My birthday is in November which makes the Fall season even better. Hopefully you get to know me a little bit […]