Salted Peanut Butter & Chocolate Squares

There’s so much that you can do with peanut butter. Savory and sweet dishes, sauces, main and side dishes. Also I’m a fan of quick and easy recipes. I bought some peanut butter cups from Lidl and thought that I could actually try to make my own version of those. […]

Gnocchi Love; Gastro Series

Once again I was watching the popular TV-show Dinner Date. Sometimes I get ideas and recipes that I want to try out myself. This time a Gnocchis got my attention. I have never tried to do Gnocchis and it seemed like really easy to do. I’m not sure if in […]

Curry Pork Soup; Gastro Series

Once again I meal prepped on last Sunday, what’s new. 😅 This time I made 4 (+1 which got eaten by my fiancé) meals for this week. I’ve had the habit of making lunches for the most part of the week and then on Fridays I’ve grabbed a big salad […]

Using Overripe Bananas; Reducing Food Waste

Do you wonder what you could do with overripe bananas? Something easy and fast? Overripe bananas is an easy ingredient to add to different recipes e.g. shakes/smoothies, bread, cakes and cupcakes, pancakes and cookies. I decided to try a bread, muffins and a protein shake with overripe bananas. I wanted […]