What to get rid of in 2020

I have started to think how I consume things or what I have purchased and not used. We all have those things that we buy and then in the long run, we don’t even use and it gathers dust in the cupboard. Or we buy something to just use it once or few times and then toss them to garbage.

I actually have been watching videos and documents on minimalism, zero waste, sustainable living and microplastics, which are the current buzz words or a lifestyles. I think the zero waste lifestyle is such difficult thing to actually execute.

Tips and tricks for the 2020

But here’s some suggestions and tips that you can apply to your daily life:

  • Don’t purchase useless/unnecessary office supplies
  • Take actual tote/fabric bags to the grocery stores or other stores instead of using plastic bags
  • Think through your clothing, shoe and accessory investments, which are necessary and what you truly need
  • Buy less the produce/foods that has been packaged to several different packaging materials
  • Buying just the amount of foods that you’ll need and use the freezer 
  • Purchase less candles (especially scented candles, which can also cause headaches or stuffy nose)
  • Purchase less decorative boxes, ornaments and other little nicknacks
  • Reduce purchasing water bottles / thermos (especially plastic ones) and also reduce using plastic straws and disposable plates/cups/other utensils
  • Also I think too much thrifting is a thing! As well as buying cosmetics in huge or excess packages.

The idea behind this is to think what I have and I don’t use, how to recycle or thrift the items. Also get rid of the things that don’t have a purpose, give happiness or aren’t useful in your life. (This is so meta, but this goes so multiple levels in your life, you can use this to your mental and physical aspects of life. Get rid of the negative people, do what really desire in life, pursue your true dreams in life, don’t give a f*** about other peoples opinions about you and your choices etc.) Let the 2020 vision come through! 😉🤯😝

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