Dinner Date Part Deux; Gastro Series

Dinner Date Part Deux; Gastro Series

Dinner date part II is here! We planned a romantic dinner for two. The point is to spend time together and cook something amazing and something that you haven’t tried before. This dinner was a success, although the cooking took some time.

Appetizer to begin with

The appetizer was bruschetta. The topping was mostly chopped tomatoes, chopped red onions, fresh basil, some olive oil. Seasoned with salt and black pepper. The bread is just a simple wheat baguette slices that has been grilled for a bit in a pan with some butter. Such a good, easy and simple start on the evening. Although the ingredients are very simple, the flavor is amazing. One thing that I could recommend is that when chopping the tomatoes don’t add the seeds to the topping mixture. For one, the topping gets too watery and secondly, it will soften your bread quite fast.

Bruschetta to start out the fabulous night.

Classic main course

Our main consisted of pan fried asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, red wine sauce and actual beef Wellington. This time around we actually wanted to try out the classic beef Wellington. Check out my post on deconstructed beef Wellington. We paired the main with red wine that went well with the food. I don’t actually remember the name of the wine, but we checked that the wine went well with beef and it was a wine that we hadn’t tried out before. Red wines are still quite a mystery to us. This dish was so delicious! Highly recommend trying out any classic beef Wellington recipe.

Our first attempt of doing the original beef Wellington.

The lovely dessert

For dessert we had some milk chocolate mousse with a glass of bubbly. I made some chocolate decorations. It’s so easy to make simple decorations out of melted chocolate. The mousse is topped off of some crushed cashews for some added crunch and texture. This was the first time I made chocolate mousse. I would change the milk chocolate to something darker. I think chocolate that has higher cacao percentage will give the mousse some more intense flavor.

Final of the evening was a marvelous milk chocolate mousse.

Dinner date ended on a match of Guess Who and we also played the jack in the box. Really relaxing and nice evening in the most pleasant company. 🥰

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