Workouts and life; The Challenge of the month

Workouts and life; The Challenge of the month

We made it through to the second week! Yay! Last week was brutal and it showed in my workouts this week..

As I already told you in the last post I’m determined but also I’m disciplined and I also have can-do attitude about almost anything. The first week’s workouts were challenging especially the leg day. (Read the last week’s post before this.) Last week my thighs were so much in muscle pain and for that I gave my legs more time to heal and recover. Last week I didn’t have any focused leg days.

The workouts

First workout of the week was a jog, 5,3 km and it took about 1 hour. It was so cold, windy and miserable outside, luckily I got the greatest company with me. Although I kept on whining about my muscle pains. šŸ˜†

The second workout was once again back, chest, some abs and cardio. This workout took me about 1 hour 10 minutes.

  • 10 minutes of biking for a warm up.
  • Super-Set:
    • Chest press 4×12 25 kg
    • Bent DB row 4×12 10 kg
  • Curl grip pulldown with a underhand-grip 1×12 25 kg 3×12 27,5 kg
  • Middle cable crossover 4×12 2,5 kg (I’m starting to get a hang of this)
  • Tri-Set:
    • DB flat chest press 4×12 5 kg
    • Russian twist 4×12 with 5 kg med ball
    • Crunches 4×12
  • Vertical row 4×12 39 kg
  • For cool down 10 mins of bike
12 Kilo Weight Force Raise Dumbbells Power Sports image from Max Pixel

Third workout was shoulders, triceps, biceps and cardio. This took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete.

  • 10 mins of bike
  • Tri-Set:
    • Tricep pressdown on a cable machine with a bar attachment 2×12 15 kg and 12×2 12,5 kg
    • Cable upright row with the same straight bar attachment 2×12 15 kg and 12×2 12,5 kg
    • Lateral raise (low, high and full range) 4×12 with 2,5 kg plate
  • Super-Set:
    • EZ barbell Shoulder Press 1×12 5 kg and 2×12 2,5 kg and 1×12 with no weight
    • EZ barbell curl 3×12 5kg and 1×12 with no weight
  • Super-Set:
    • One arm DB curl 4×10 5 kg
    • DB tricep kickbacks 4×12 3 kg
    • DB tricep extension 4×12 6kgĀ 
  • Cool down – 10 minutes of bike

Fourth and final workout for the second week was a “light” cardio/walking (we actually went to Kristiinankaupunki’s summer market where we went around, explored and relaxed). It was so beautiful and something that I really needed after that week.


Although I did just two gym workouts, I still got activities from my walks. I’m quite happy with the second week. And as the title suggests life happens and you should listen to your body and go from there. There’s always the next day that might be better. The most important thing is to try and give your best shot and never give up easily.

Let’s do this and have a great third week of this challenge! Give your thoughts on this and hopefully this inspires also you to move more. šŸ˜Š

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