Training like a beast; The challenge of the month

Training like a beast; The challenge of the month

I decided to challenge myself once again for the whole month of July. This challenge actually already started on last Monday, 1st of July. I have been obsessing over fitness videos on YouTube and have been wondering if I could have any chance at surviving a month of training like a beast. I’m going to state that this is going to be SO hard but rewarding in the end.

For me fitness and sports haven’t always been on the focus, but in the last 3 years or so I have been more interested in fitness and feeling better. I can say that when I decide to do something, I’m going to do it no matter what. I have lots of willpower and determination, some might say that I’m also stubborn. This might be a good thing considering this challenge. Gym has formed to be my preferred de-stressing method and I just focus on the moves, music and me when I hit the gym. For the first week I started slow and did 3 times at the gym and few cardio sessions.

Evening walk
Evening walk in Palosaari

The workouts

My first workout of the week – kind of a whole body workout. Duration for that was 1 hour 17 minutes.

  1. 18 minutes of cardio/warm up on a cross trainer and a bike
  2. Super duper set of 5 exercises on the cable machine + free weights with minimal rest;
    1. Woodchoppers 3×12 12,5 kg
    2. Cable tricep extension with rope 3×12 10 kg
    3. Plate upright row 3×12 5 kg
    4. Plate lateral raise 3×12 2,5 kg and one side at a time
    5. Finally standing cable bar lat pushdown with a tricep pushdown 3×12 10 kg
  3. EZ bar (with minimal rest) Tri-Set;
    1. Stiff-leg deadlift 3×12 15 kg
    2. Bent over row 3×12 10 kg
    3. Standing military press/overhead press
  4. leg press 1×20 50 kg, 1×15 52,5 kg and 1×12 60 kg
  5. Cool down 8 minutes of bike

Second workout of the week was a nice and easy stroll around the city and that was 4 km and duration was 1 hour. My walking buddy was playing the Pokémon Go at the same time so the pace wasn’t such high. 😅

Third workout of the week was cardio, back, chest, abs and hint of triceps. Duration for this workout was 1 hour 34 minutes.

  1. I warmed up with 10 minutes of cross trainer and 12 minutes of bike
  2. Superset:
    1. Chest press 4×12 25kg
    2. Bent DB row 4×12 10 kg
  3. Vertical row 2×12 32 kg and 2×12 39 kg
  4. Curl grip pulldown with underhand grip 1×12 20 kg, 3×12 25 kg
  5. Lower cable crossover/chest fly 3×12 2,5 kg (This was a new move for me and I wanted to just try it and have the perfect form. And let me tell you, that was challenging. 🤯)
  6. DB tricep extensions 4×12 8 kg
  7. Superset:
    1. Russian twist 4×12 with a 5 kg med ball
    2. Basic crunches 4×12
  8. Cool down with 10 minutes of bike and about 5 minutes of stretching

Fourth workout of the week was cardio, shoulders, triceps, biceps. And the duration was 1 hour 28 minutes.

  1. Warm up with 20 minutes of cardio (bike)
  2. Super-Set:
    1. EZ bar Shoulder Press/Military Press 1×12 10 kg, 2×12 5 kg and 1×12 with no weight just the barbell
    2. EZ bar curl 3×12 5 kg, 1×12 with no weight
  3. In the cable machine (with straight bar attachment) super setting
    1. Tricep pressdown 3×12 15 kg and 1×12 12,5 kg
    2. Cable upright row 3×12 10 kg and 1×12 12,5 kg
  4. DB super-set:
    1. One arm DB curl 4×10 5kg
    2. DB tricep kickbacks 4×12 3 kg
  5. Tri-set:
    1. DB bent lateral raise 4×12 4 kg
    2. DB incline curl 4×12 4 kg
    3. DB overhead tricep extension 4×12 7 kg
  6. Cool down for a 10 minutes (bike) and 5 minutes of stretching

Fifth workout of the week was cardio, quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. The duration for the workout was 1 hour + the walking. I made one big mistake, I forgot my knee supports. I haven’t done squats for a while and I noticed that my form and knees weren’t as steady as they should have been. Next week I’m going to be smarter about this.

  1. Warm up of 30 minutes of walking
  2. Tri-Set:
    1. Squats with EZ bar 7,5 kg 4×12
    2. Uplifted calf raises in smith machine 30 kg 4×12
    3. Split squats 8kg DBs 4×10
  3. Leg curls 39 kg 4×12 and leg extensions 25 kg 4×12
  4. EZ barbell stiff legged deadlifts 7,5 kg 4×12
  5. Lying hip abduction side leg raises and also hip abduction inside leg raises both with a resistance band 4×12
  6. Cool down for 30 minutes of walking

Thoughts after the first week

Friday and Sunday were my rest days for the week and I literally didn’t do anything special. Thursday’s and Saturday’s workouts were quite challenging and my arms, knees and thighs were quite sore after. The first week was okay, it was exciting to start a new challenge and decide the workouts for the week. I’m excited for this and for the following weeks. Hopefully this inspires you in some way. 💪🏻Follow me on my socials to keep up with the process. 🤓

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