Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials

So I wanted to share my gym bag essentials that can be found from my gym bag. I try to go to the gym 3 times a week and other days I have other hobbies and other types of exercises. I go to the Fitness24seven gym, it’s a great fit for me because it’s 24/7 open with my card and you can go to any Fitness24seven gym near you. There’s all together 240 gyms globally in 6 different countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Thailand and Columbia) and more gyms are opened. I have found that gym is better to me, because it’s a form of stress relief and I can focus on myself and close the whole world and other thoughts from my mind. I prefer gym over classes, because I like to do things on my own pace and exercises that I like.

Gym Bag Essentials
All of my gym bag essentials.


I usually use a backpack to the gym. My backpack is just a normal Janboots black backpack, that has multiple different compartments. Also this backpack has reflectors in the straps and in the seam of the back pocket.

I have the Blender Bottle Radian Tritan which I fill up with water or BCAA in cola. You need to remember hydration during exercise!

Muesli bar or a rice crackers with peanut butter, if I feel a bit hungry or need some energy before I can eat properly.

Makeup wipes for removing makeup from my face, sometimes I’ll go straight from work and I don’t want to clog up my pores and break out. (I use the Cien facial wipes for dry and sensitive skin from Lidl.) Let the skin breath! Other things that I have are tissues, Essence hand cream and Vaseline lip balm. Perfume or a deodorant and a hairbrush and a little mirror for freshing up before going to home. Also some hair elastics to get my hair out of the way.

Rehbrand knee supports, obviously to have a good form when putting weight to the knees to reduce knee pain, strains, sprains and other tears and damage. Also the knee supports gives extra-warmness to the knees and muscles. I like using knee supports when having a leg day or doing leg press or other weightlifting. (I’m doing a separate review post on my Rehbrand knee supports in the near future. Follow my blog, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to be the first ones to be notified.)

Nike gym shoes which I purchased over 2 years ago. They’re still good and comfortable. The deal on these were great. I would like to purchase separate shoes for leg/weightlifting days. I was thinking of an affordable pair of flat sole shoes to give me a good form, force and support for the heels/feet to lift more weight. I don’t do over-the-head lifts (yet), so I don’t really need special lifting shoes.


A t-shirt to change to, if going to the gym straight from the work and also another long sleeved shirt to change in to.

Headphones are a must! I have the Sony’s wireless and noise cancelling headphones that are so good and I can’t workout without them. Those are also foldable and comes with a protective case, so they are compact and small.

Lock for the locker. In Fitness24seven gyms, they don’t have locks in the lockers, so you need to purchase one from the reception or from other store. I have just a simple lock from my local shop. Gym card to get in and for tracking when you start and so to speak “log out” from the gym. I of course have my wallet and keys with me. My wallet is Coach Mini ID case in crossgrain black leather.

Resistance bands for getting better workout for e.g. the legs. I use Gymstick resistance bands, I use these sometimes when I want to use my owns. My gym usually have resistance bands that can be used.

A little bag for putting dirty clothes or other stuff in. I also carry at least one reflector with me and a beanie for the cold winds. Reflectors are so important and those are a few dollar life insurance for the dark nights, especially when you are walking or cycling!


What are your gym bag essentials? Is there something that I should add or remove from my essentials? 😊


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