12-week training program; Beast mode part II

12-week training program; Beast mode part II

In the beginning of August, I started a 12 week training program. Actually I already decided to start this journey in the spring. And I’ve been eyeing over this Project Same Goal-program for awhile now. This is my second ever program that I’m participating to. The first ever program that I started was at another fitness company, and it started just before the shutdown on March, so that was a flop! That program wasn’t for me, so that just went straight through the drains. But now that we’re back on a bit more normal life, this 12-week training program is on another level! 💪🏻 There’s even ready made home workouts, so everything is covered! The workout instructions are great, those have good tips and can get the burn in the right muscles. Also have to give a huge plus to the nutrition plans, because they have actual weight categories.

The start

I was so excited to start this program, I couldn’t even really sleep the night before. I started this right after my summer vacation, so it was a good start for the fall. The first week was getting use to going the gym after just vacaying my life away. Also the nutrition changes took some time to getting used to, I was so bloated at the beginning of the week. It was horrendous. 😆 Basically everything relates to everything, so the bloating went away quite quickly. Also in the first week, my muscles were so sore after workouts. 😷

Snack, bowl of kvarg, sugar-free juice soup, nuts, strawberries and sprinkle of salt.
Snack time!

Overall thoughts

I really think this training program is going to be so amazing! Although it’s totally up to me to put in the effort every week, still the coaches are very motivating and drives you forward! I’ve already learnt so much and tried some new exercises in the gym as well as learnt more about nutritional things.

After the first 4 weeks, I’ve seen results at the scale but also in the mirror as well as through my progress pictures. For me the progress in the gym is the most important thing. I want to get my strength levels up and challenge myself physically and mentally. 💁🏼‍♀️

Next up!

Next on this training program is to continue to get amazing results and also get everlasting changes. I have some PB’s that I would like to hit, will update you on those later. You need to put yourself and your health first! Feeling good and motivated! Let’s go! Cama! Let’s see how I feel on the 8-week mark. 😉

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View from my jog, open view to the sea.
Let’s keep going! Happy Fall!

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