Spring Favorites; Niina Approved

Spring Favorites; Niina Approved

Spring/early summer is already here and the weather has been so nice lately. I love spring and the fact that the birds starts to sing again, snow has melted and nature gets its color back!

I wanted to list my spring favorites for this post. I have four categories that are fitness and health, food and watch.

Fitness and health favorites:

Under Armor leggings and running shirt. The shirt is Women’s Streaker 2.0 Running Shirt from Amazon. The shirt has a half zip and is very breathable and quick dry. The leggings were Womens HeatGear Armour Legging, which are SO great! One of my favorites. These truly supports/compresses you and are squat-proof, light and overall amazing and affordable.

Sling pack from Fandare in khaki. I purchased it from Amazon and the delivery was a bit long. Although the bag came from China and the designing/company is based in UK, the quality is good. This bag has been great for going for a jog or a walk. It has an option to connect your portable power bank to a USB and then you can connect your device to a USB from outside the bag. It has multiple different compartments and an anti-theft lock for the main compartment. I haven’t tried it while running.

I invested on a OMRON M500 Intellisense blood pressure monitor to measure my blood pressure and also just having one is in my opinion a great investment. You can keep track of your overall health and make sure that everything is as it should.

Food favorites:

Valio PROfeel protein pudding in chocolate has been my go-to in the mornings. 1 pudding has 20 g of protein and after eating it with my oats, I feel full for so long. And also it’s lactose free.

Gherkins has been addicting! I just can’t live without gherkins anymore, those are so versatile. You can make your own pickle salad or to make my own dressing with Greek yogurt, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup and finely chopped gherkins. I usually buy the whole gherkins and slice them and eat them plain or on top of a sandwich.

Powdered peanut butter from MyProtein has been quite interesting. I have added that to my oats to have more protein. That was quite inexpensive and I need to explore more what I can do with it.

Red lentils – See my recipe for delicious and easy red lentil and vegetable soup. Lentils has been my favorite for a while now. It has been a good change for the basic ground meat and vegetables or rice.

Breyers Delights Protein ice-cream in Cookies & Cream as well as the Cinnamon Oat Cluster flavors are so good. I have been obsessed with this ice-cream. It’s a great way to end your Saturday night with a bowl of a ice-cream that is tasty and lighter than the normal ice-cream. (I don’t eat this every week, but sometimes when I want to indulge myself with something delicious, I go for the protein ice-cream.)

Watch favorites:

I have been binge-watching fitness, Gym and bikini fitness prep videos on YouTube. 😅I think I have been more motivated in the gym when I have been watching fitness related videos. Also I have created new workout routine and split (4 days in a week). I might do a post on my workouts and split.

Also Mike Rashid’s channel on YouTube has been so inspiring (and the “This may be uncomfortable to watch” was in a good way so emotional) to watch. I like to follow, watch and listen truly inspiring and motivational people. Mike Rashid has been one that has sparked my motivation on fire!

Comment below your favorites! 😎

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