No Added Sugar – Final thoughts; Challenge of The Month

First off.. Happy independence day Finland! (If you didn’t already know, I live in Finland.)

Finnish Flag
Finnish Flag. Photo from Flickr by Sbamueller.

Final Thoughts of The Challenge

For one I have been enjoying more fresh and frozen fruits. I have been drinking more water and cooked delicious foods with whole foods and other ingredients. I actually did find a ketchup from the grocery store that had reduced sugar in it (although I didn’t bought that) and also I did find cold cuts that didn’t have any added sugars. There is quite a lot products that doesn’t contain added sugars or products that has less sugar. There were also foods that didn’t really change because these didn’t contain added sugars, e.g. rice cakes and regular rye bread, peanut butter and Turkish yoghurt.

I do feel that my skin was in a better condition and it really needed the cut from sugar. As it goes to my measurements or weight, I don’t really know if it had any difference on these. I didn’t took any measurement of myself before the challenge. I feel better and energized and that’s all that matters to me. This wasn’t about going on a diet or try to loose huge amount of weight. It’s more about feeling good, acknowledging the foods that we consume and eat consciously. I also feel that I had a bit more energy during this month but I’m not sure if that’s because I reduced sugar or what.

I had planned a huge sugar night for myself for the first of December which conveniently was last Saturday. On Friday I was shopping for the next day and did some prep work for my dinner for one. I’m doing a separate post on my fancy dinner for one. Stay tuned for that and check out my sneak peak on Instagram! 😉 But anyways the dinner went well, it was awesome to just not read ingredients list and buy what I wanted. I did buy some candies and I can honestly say that the feeling that it gave me after I had few candies was quite awful. I felt a bit nauseous and gross and that was so surprising.

As a conclusion this challenge was overall good and positive experience. I think I’m going to continue to eat less sugar and opt for no added sugar options, natural sugar and sugar substitutes. And I’m going to experiment more recipes with no added sugar. I would recommend this challenge to everyone, you can even do few day challenge or start reading the ingredients list and nutritional facts labels.

Would you try this challenge? Comment below! 😊

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