What I eat in a day; part I


Breakfast is one of my most important meals of the day. My breakfast usually consists of porridge and some kind of a protein. I do my porridge from rolled oats (43 g), (14 g) raisins, (3-6 g) chia seeds or crushed flax seeds and a 1/2-1 teaspoon of cinnamon. My choice of protein is usually Valio PROfeel protein pudding in chocolate. Other protein choices I might go for are 1 egg or some kind of a quark. Sometimes I just eat a fruit with my porridge, especially when I have been lazy and not prepared in advanced for the morning. Something that I can’t live with out is a cup of joe in the morning!

Porridge ingredients ready to be made, protein pudding and some coffee.


Usually I have a little snack about 1 hour before my lunch. I like to have one of the following a 1 banana, 2 rice cakes with (8 g) of smooth peanut butter, protein bar or other seed/fruit bar. Sometimes I just skip this snack and try to make it to lunch before my stomach starts rumbling.


I like to keep my lunch quite light and have more complex carbs. Some meals that I usually opt for are salads, fiber-rich vegetables with chicken/beef or some soup. I have to recommend a lentil soup that I made, check out the recipe!

Lentil Soup
Lentil Soup

Snack (before gym);

The snack before going to the gym, is kind of the same than my snack before my lunch. I just can’t function if I don’t have any energy in the gym. If I’m not going to gym, then I skip this.

Dinner/evening snack;

My last meal of the day is more on the carb loaded with protein when I have been to the gym, otherwise I’ll have more protein and some vegetables or other “light” carbs. Some examples are tortillas, rye bread, berries, cucumber, protein smoothie (I have a great video recipe on this too!), eggs in different styles or chicken. Gherkins are a must for me! I eat at least 1 gherkin a day, otherwise I mix and match. Usually I don’t really want to cook anything complex for a dinner.

Hope this shed some light on what I usually eat and gave you some meal ideas to try out. I want to continue to share what I eat in a day, part II is going to be more visual.

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