Favorites of 2019

Fitness This year one of my favorites and obsessions was the NFE convention. Unfortunately I didn’t had the time to go to the convention this year. 2020 could be the year that I make time to actually go and enjoy the event. I still had an NFL “game day” at […]

How to Create the Ultimate Vision Board

First of all, let’s dive into the subject itself. Vision board is a visual tool that you can use to focus on and specify your goals. It’s collage of different photos, quotes or things that you are inspired by and things that you’re trying to achieve. It is a great […]

What to get rid of in 2020

I have started to think how I consume things or what I have purchased and not used. We all have those things that we buy and then in the long run, we don’t even use and it gathers dust in the cupboard. Or we buy something to just use it […]

Birthday Trip to Stockholm

I’ve waited for this trip from the early summer when I decided to have my summer holiday in November. We actually travelled by two different vessels. For the Turku to Stockholm part we took the Viking Line’s M/S Viking Grace and for the Stockholm to Turku we took the Viking […]

Spring Favorites; Niina Approved

Spring/early summer is already here and the weather has been so nice lately. I love spring and the fact that the birds starts to sing again, snow has melted and nature gets its color back! I wanted to list my spring favorites for this post. I have four categories that […]

Tech Series; The Apple Watch Series 4

I have been eyeing on different activity trackers and smartwatches. I wanted to monitor my activity and the main goal was to track my workouts in the gym. It would be really interesting to see what workouts or moves gets my heart rate higher and also to track my daily […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

I wanted to gather some holiday gift ideas, that are quick, simple and affordable. The Holiday season is quite hectic and maybe also stressful for some and also people tend to purchase and invest on different things and preparations for the Holidays. For me the last few weeks have been […]

Fall Favorites; Niina Approved

I have gathered a list of my Fall favorites that I have truly enjoyed this month for different categories. Food Sweet potato Sweet potato is so versatile, it can be made to sweet dish or a savory. Different spices mix well with the sweet potato and it’s easy to prepare. […]

Halloween in focus

So, if you did read my Fall tag, I hinted about a blog post of Halloween snacks. (If you haven’t had the time to read my Fall tag, read it for getting to know me a little bit more. Go to the Fall tag!) My plan for this year’s Halloween […]