Dahl Lunch;Gastro Series

Once again it’s time to do next weeks first few lunches ready. It’s Sunday and I don’t want to be in the kitchen for hours. Quick lunch ideas are my favorite ones. I’ve been dabbling into the vegetarian dishes lately and trying different flavors as well as spices. Cumin is […]

Favorites of 2019

Fitness This year one of my favorites and obsessions was the NFE convention. Unfortunately I didn’t had the time to go to the convention this year. 2020 could be the year that I make time to actually go and enjoy the event. I still had an NFL “game day” at […]

How to Create the Ultimate Vision Board

First of all, let’s dive into the subject itself. Vision board is a visual tool that you can use to focus on and specify your goals. It’s collage of different photos, quotes or things that you are inspired by and things that you’re trying to achieve. It is a great […]